SMSfocal Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% domestic Bumiputera company striving to become a leading and respected company in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

In line with the dynamic and rapid growth of new technologies, SMSfocal is committed to providing and ensuring services rendered are of high quality and exhibit a professional level of acceptance benchmark against the best in the industry.


To support the development of Information & Communications Technology industry through locally-oriented research and development endeavors in Malaysia.


  • To carry on research on any new Short Message Service Technology, Trend and novel Applications.
  • To provide business as mutually benefiting consultants in the multimedia application development, network applications & installation services, distributed management systems and other ICT related management system.
  • To conduct business as a win-win retailer for Information & Communications Technology products i.e computer and accessories, network, data storage components and other related peripherals consumer electronic and communication products.